Model: OTEC SE 400
Power Rating: 400-600 Ampere

Features And Benefits

Microprocessor control – Easy-to-use, standard control. LEDs display transfer switch status; pushbuttons allow operator to activate control test, exercise timing and transfer mode.

Programmed transition – Open transition timing can be adjusted to completely disconnect the load from both sources for a programmed time period, as recommended by NEMA MG-1 for transfer of inductive loads.

Advanced transfer switch mechanism – Unique bidirectional linear actuator provides virtually frictionfree, constant force, straight-line transfer switch action during automatic operation.

Manual operation – Manual operating handles, shielded termination, and over-center contact mechanisms allow effective manual operation under deenergized conditions. Positive interlocking – Mechanical and electrical interlocking prevent source-to-source connection through the power or control wiring.

Main contacts – Heavy-duty silver alloy contacts and multileaf arc chutes are rated for motor loads or total system load transfer. They require no routine contact maintenance. Continuous load current not to exceed 100% of switch rating and Tungsten loads not to exceed 30% of switch rating.

Easy service/access – Single-plug harness connection and compatible terminal markings simplify servicing. Access space is ample. Door-mounted controls are fieldprogrammable; no tool is required.

Complete product line – Cummins offers a wide range of equipment, accessories and services to suit virtually any backup power application.

Warranty and service – Products are backed by a comprehensive warranty and a worldwide network of distributors with factory-trained service technicians.

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